Bookable Assets Case Study staff parking

A Case Study in Simple and Secure Building Access

When Sandran Property Group needed a smart, streamlined building access system tailored to meet the needs of their security-conscious blue chip tenant, they approached DIVVY for a solution.

Client: Sandran Property Group

Property: 121-125 Henry Street, Penrith, NSW

Sandran Property Group owns 121-125 Henry Street, an A-grade commercial office building in the heart of Penrith’s rapidly gentrifying CBD. The building, which underwent a $35 million refurbishment in 2017, is home to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, as well as other premium tenants.

DIVVY has worked with Sandran at 121-125 Henry Street since 2018, providing simple and secure staff parking management. So when Sandran’s tenant, the ATO, requested a comprehensive, highly secure building access system, Sandran turned to DIVVY for the answer.

An inefficient and outdated building access system 

Building access was once a piecemeal, disconnected affair at 121-125 Henry Street. 

Employee access to the underground car park was successfully managed by DIVVY’s staff parking management system. But staff had to use a swipe card to access the ground floor from the car park. They then had to use a second swipe card to enter their office.

The ATO needed a smart, streamlined office access solution that took parkers all the way from the car park entrance to their desk. But, given the sensitive nature of the ATO’s work, any access control system needed to meet the ATO’s high-level, specialised security parameters. 

The DIVVY solution 

DIVVY’s Sammy building access device in the lift foyer.

At the ATO’s request, DIVVY stepped in to provide the solution. Sandran Property Group gave the green light to install DIVVY’s Sammy access device in the lift foyer and integrate the DIVVY bookable assets system with the existing Schindler lift system. Now, office access for ATO staff is a breeze.

All they need to access their workplace is one DIVVY QR code. That code allows them to enter and exit the car park as well as call the lift to take them to the level on which they work. The DIVVY system gives building management complete oversight across who has entered the building via the car park, what time they entered, and which building levels they have accessed. The days of staff and management juggling several swipe card systems are long gone.  

Eugene Chiew, Senior Property Manager at Sandran Property Group, says, “As a property manager, ensuring my tenants’ needs are met is my highest priority. Here at 121-125 Henry Street, we needed a building access system that would be smooth and easy for staff to use and management to run, while also meeting the high-level security requirements of our major tenant, the ATO.

The DIVVY system has done exactly that – simplified and streamlined building access at the same time as satisfying the ATO’s specific access security protocols. Having worked with DIVVY on staff parking management in my previous role at Knight Frank, I was confident they would deliver here at 121-125 Henry Street, and they did.” 

DIVVY's Sammy Device

What’s next for 121-125 Henry Street? 

Car park access will soon be even simpler for staff at 121-125 Henry Street with the imminent installation of DIVVY’s push button technology. This will enable a ‘windows up’ parking experience for staff entering and exiting the car park. DIVVY’s push button technology opens car park entry and exit gates when authorised parkers touch a button in the DIVVY app on their phone. Geo-location technology ensures that access is limited to permitted parkers and only when they are within close range of the car park.  

As the needs of commercial tenants become more specialised and individualised, demand for smart, connected access solutions that can be customised to meet a tenant’s requirements will only continue to grow.

To find out how we can help you meet your tenant’s needs, get in touch with our sales team today.  


Introducing DIVVY’s new pre-book parking option – Multi-day bookings

What good is a parking management system if it’s not easy to use? A simple and straightforward user experience has always been our top priority at DIVVY. That’s why we’ve just introduced a new feature that makes our booking system easier to use than ever – the multi-day bookings option. Now DIVVY customers can pre-book a parking space for multiple consecutive days in one simple transaction.

How does DIVVY’s new multi-day parking feature work?

DIVVY users have always been able to book their parking by the hour, the day or the month, but now, thanks to the new multi-day parking option, they can pre-book their parking for two or more consecutive days at once.

The addition of the new multi-day parking option gives DIVVY users the ultimate flexibility when booking a parking space. Whether they need a parking space for an hour, a day, a couple of days, a week, a month or even longer, it’s easy to book with DIVVY. Users making multi-day parking bookings may enjoy a discounted rate for their longer stay, too.

The multi-day parking option is perfect for commuters who want to book their parking a week at a time. It’s tailor-made for businesses catering for guests who need parking for several days, such as hotels and airport parking operators.

The multi-day booking feature is available to all DIVVY Marketplace customers (public parking) as well as DIVVY Enterprise users (staff parking). DIVVY users across Australia can pre-book their multi-day parking on the DIVVY app or website.

How multi-day parking bookings make staff parking management a breeze

DIVVY’s new multi-day parking pre-book feature is set to make managing staff parking smoother than ever.

The days of allocating a parking space to a single staff member (and having the space sit empty when that person is out of the office) are long gone. Today, hybrid working is king, with a recent CBRE survey revealing that more than 90 per cent of Australian employers expect their staff to mix working in the office with working from home. This has prompted businesses to look at their staff parking in a whole new light and ask – how do we best manage our staff parking assets now?

With Australian unemployment sitting at a low 3.4%, according to the July figures from the ABS, the importance of the employee experience has also come to the fore. Savvy businesses are dedicating time and resources to attracting and retaining staff; for some, that means offering staff parking on the days employees work in the office.

In this new world, staff parking spaces need to work a lot harder and managing them is more complex than ever. That means businesses need parking technology that allows them to be flexible, agile and adaptive in an ever-changing workplace environment.

DIVVY’s parking management system makes organising staff parking simple. And coupled with existing DIVVY features like Free Up My Space, the new multi-day booking option is set to streamline staff parking management even further by making it easy for employees to select and reserve several days’ worth of parking at once.

Flexible parking solutions with DIVVY technology

Looking for a one-stop parking solution? DIVVY’s full suite of parking management software and hardware saves you time and money by making managing your parking simple. Whether you’re after a staff parking management system, a public parking booking system or an access control solution, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly sales team today.


Meeting driver’s needs in a COVID-normal world

Two years into the COVID pandemic and in many Australian cities, people are returning to their lives while doing their best to avoid contracting the virus. We take a look at how COVID has changed the way in which we get around our cities and how parking operators can meet the needs of drivers in a COVID-normal world.

How has COVID changed our travel habits?

Car travel, and therefore parking, is experiencing a COVID-induced surge in popularity. Data from cities across the world shows that, as COVID restrictions ease, people are opting to travel by car because they are wary about catching the virus on public transport, and that’s what we’re seeing in Australian cities, too.

An online survey conducted by toll road operator Transurban in July last year found that, on average, 22 per cent fewer people in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane intended to use public transport every day after COVID, compared to their pre-pandemic use. And, now that COVID-normal life is well underway in those cities, the numbers show that’s exactly what’s happening.

Mobility data from Apple shows that as soon as COVID restrictions began to lift in Sydney in October 2021, car journeys spiked, while walking and public transport trips remained below the January 2020 baseline figures. By January 2022, public transport usage in Sydney was still almost 64 per cent lower than it was pre-COVID.

In Melbourne, road traffic was at 81 per cent of pre-pandemic levels by mid-January 2022, in contrast with public transport usage, which was only at 36 per cent of its pre-COVID baseline numbers. Road toll data, meanwhile, shows that car use has risen even in cities that haven’t experienced extended lockdowns, like Brisbane.

This increase in car use has naturally led to a spike in demand for parking. Parking operators were reporting increases in demand of more than 200 per cent in January 2022, while, in a sign of just how highly valued parking has become, a parking space in central Sydney has been listed for sale for more than $500,000.

So, how can parking operators best meet the needs of this surge of COVID-savvy drivers?

Contactless parking payments systems – more relevant now than ever

The reason why people are eschewing public transport in favour of car travel is to minimise their exposure to COVID, so their choice of parking needs to be as COVID-safe as possible too. Research has shown that public health measures, such as social distancing and minimising shared touchpoints, can help reduce the spread of COVID. That’s where contactless parking payments systems come into their own. They eliminate the need for paper pull-tickets, cash payments, the presence of staff in the car park, and in some cases, any friction points at all, making them the most hygienic parking management systems on offer.

DIVVY offers three contactless parking solutions to suit all types of car parks and parking operators. Our public parking management systems, the pre-book system DIVVY Marketplace and the casual parking product Drive Up, are completely cashless.

DIVVY Marketplace collects payment via the DIVVY app, while Drive Up’s payment device technology accepts VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay at the car park entry or exit. Our staff and visitor parking management software, which has paid parking capabilities for those businesses who want to charge their staff for parking, is also cashless and only accepts electronic payments. Cash use, which has been steadily declining here in Australia for some time now, has dropped significantly since the start of the pandemic due to hygiene concerns, with the CBA predicting the nation could be completely cashless as soon as 2026.

Not only are our parking systems cashless, doing away with the need for cash payment machines, but none of our smart parking management systems uses paper pull-tickets either, thus further reducing the number of physical touchpoints in the driver’s journey.

Our parking solutions become completely frictionless with the integration of the DIVVY LPR solution, which uses licence plate recognition technology to calculate the duration of stay. The DIVVY LPR solution eliminates every physical touchpoint in the parking journey, making it the most hygienic, COVID-safe way to park.

Whether you’re looking for contactless parking payment systems for your public car park or your staff and visitor parking, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss your parking needs today.


DIVVY: a complete intelligent parking management system

Calling all parking operators! Whether you need an intelligent parking management system to take care of your staff parking, you want help turning your vacant parking spaces into moneymakers or you’re looking for a casual parking management solution, DIVVY has you covered.

We offer a full suite of parking management software that saves you time and money and makes managing your parking simple. We’re also a parking equipment provider, with a range of access control solutions to meet all your car park management needs.

DIVVY’s Smart Parking Solutions

DIVVY Marketplace

Start generating revenue from your empty car spaces by listing them with DIVVY Marketplace. DIVVY Marketplace parking technology connects your unused parking spaces with more than 90,000 registered DIVVY parking customers searching for pre-booked hourly, daily and monthly parking via our app and our website.

You decide when your parking spaces will be available, whether it’s weekdays only, or weekends, or specific dayparts or for special events. Then sit back and let DIVVY’s Enterprise system handle bookings, payments and access in its seamless inventory management system.

Troubleshooting is handled by DIVVY’s 24/7 customer support, who are on hand 365 days of the year to help both parkers and parking operators. DIVVY Marketplace is simply smart parking.

DIVVY Premium Parking

Not keen on every human and their dog booking your parking spaces? DIVVY’s Premium Parking option gives you the ultimate discretion, allowing you to decide exactly who can book the parking spaces you list on DIVVY Marketplace.

If building access is an issue, you might choose to allow only tenants in your building to book your parking spaces. Or you can select certain groups from within your own business, or perhaps open your spaces up to all staff in your organisation, but no-one from outside the company. With DIVVY Premium Parking, the power is in your hands.

DIVVY Drive Up

Drivers love parking with DIVVY – after all, it couldn’t be simpler. But what about the days they’ve forgotten to pre-book their parking? That’s why we launched Drive Up casual parking. Drive Up brings the simplicity and ease that DIVVY customers love to casual parking. No cash, no tickets, no pre-booking required.

Casual parking operators can choose to install Pay on Entry, where visitors are charged a set all-day rate as they enter the car park, or Pay on Exit which charges drivers a fee based on the duration of their stay at the car park exit. It can also be installed in tandem with DIVVY’s LPR solution to use licence plate recognition technology to allow entry and calculate length of stay.

DIVVY Staff Parking

Throw away the physical access cards and delete the parking spreadsheet. DIVVY offers a complete staff parking management solution that can handle the most complex of staff parking arrangements, including visitor parking and paid parking options, all via our QR code access control devices.

Highlights of the system include Free Up My Space, a market-first feature that allows parkers to free up their parking space for others when they’re not using it. It means your staff parking works harder, and parking won’t be sitting idle when staff are on leave, working from home or away from the office.

Book On Behalf is a superior visitor parking management feature giving selected staff members the ability to book parking on a visitor’s behalf. Book On Behalf gives you complete visibility over all visitor parking, and grants visitors car park access with the same QR code technology. You’ll never have to run down to the car park to let a visitor in again.

The DIVVY reports portal gives you access to real-time, accurate data about your staff car park utilisation, which can be used to claim fringe benefits tax (FBT) deductions (if eligible) and makes informed business decisions about your parking assets.

With the DIVVY staff parking management system, you can even opt to charge staff, or certain groups of staff, for parking.

DIVVY’s Access Control Device

Sammy Hardware

Sammy is the primary DIVVY access control device, and it makes entering and exiting car parks a breeze. It uses QR code technology for entries and exits and is used in both our pre-book and Drive Up parking solutions.

Sammy features a fully integrated VOIP intercom and it accepts payments via its onboard payment terminal. It is built to withstand harsh Australian environmental conditions.

Sammy is a key element in our smart parking control solutions, using the latest in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide a seamless experience for parkers and a live and accurate source of rich data for parking operators.

IoT I/O Controller

The DIVVY IoT Controller solution is a simple, cost-effective device that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate and control parking gates as part of DIVVY’s smart parking control solutions. Developed in-house at DIVVY, it’s the first of its kind in the world.

This all-in-one Controller enables companies to collect data and generate meaningful insights through the cloud, while streamlining parking operations. DIVVY’s IoT Controller offers the utmost in secure services for both car parks and data.

To find out more about our smart parking products or access control devices, contact our friendly sales team today.


The latest from CEO Grant Fowler: March 2021

If 2020 was a bumpy road, 2021 is shaping up to be the highway leading towards better days. Here in Australia, we continue to handle the coronavirus threat remarkably well. Our vaccination campaign is underway, consumer confidence is bouncing back and economic predictions are looking good.

The pandemic hastened the uptake of experience-enhancing and margin-increasing property technology or proptech, among the Australian property industry. The Property Council of Australia surveyed 216 industry professionals in November and found that 55 per cent are enhancing their existing technology systems in response to COVID, and 27 percent are investing in new systems.

You can read more about DIVVY’s latest proptech products, Drive-Up and Check-In, in this update.

Drive Up with DIVVY

We’ve all had days where we’ve forgotten to pre-book our parking. That’s why we launched Drive Up casual parking. It’s everything our customers love about parking with DIVVY – cashless, ticketless, contactless and above all, easy – but without the need to book in advance.

We partnered with Enacon Parking to install Drive Up at their Bella Vista car park in December. It’s a busy open-air site next to Norwest Private Hospital and CircaRetail Shopping Centre.

We’ve had great success with two Drive Up products at the site, starting with Pay on Entry, where visitors are charged a set all-day rate as they enter the car park. Pay on Exit is now installed at the site, charging drivers at the car park exit a fee based on the duration of their stay.

DIVVY Drive Up replaces a pull-ticket and cash payment system at the Bella Vista site, and is already saving Enacon five hours of cash collection, ticket refill and maintenance labour per week, not to mention the cost of the paper tickets.

Drive Up is coming to more locations across Sydney soon, so keep your eye out for DIVVY Drive Up parking near you.

Parking is the hot ticket in 2021

Have you seen our fresh new website?

Many people have returned to workplaces after spending most of last year working from home, and lots of them are avoiding public transport and looking for parking instead.

Our new website was launched at just the right time in October last year. In the first two months of 2021, our website traffic and user sign ups have been at record levels, with site traffic up more than 100 per cent at the same time last year.

Check out the new staff parking case studies or technology page for yourself!

Check In with DIVVY

As Australia adjusts to the latest version of the new COVID normal, we’re evolving our proptech too. Our Queuing and Contact Tracing platform was designed to last year to help businesses (including Woolworths) communicate to customers their busiest periods and days and in-store wait times.

Now we’re developing Check In, a visitor management solution using DIVVY QR code technology to check visitors or staff into a business’s premises. Check In can be used for contact tracing purposes, or to maintain a record of personnel on site at any given time, and is designed to meet the needs of the business now and into the future.

Get the most out of your staff parking

Find out how the TOGA Group reduced their overheads while supporting their staff through the pandemic with DIVVY Enterprise’s staff parking management system.

Contact Us

The DIVVY team is always here to help. For more information, please contact Kat Fowler, DIVVY’s Marketing and Communications Manager at  

Case Study staff parking

How Suncorp used DIVVY to save costs and help their staff during COVID-19

Businesses everywhere have been faced with all manner of extraordinary challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc around the world. When restrictions came into force in Australia at the end of March, Suncorp turned to the DIVVY Enterprise parking management system to help them navigate the complex and rapidly changing situation.

Suncorp, one of Australia’s largest financial services brands, has relied on DIVVY Enterprise to manage the onsite parking for their fleet of trade vehicles at their Brisbane and Sydney offices since 2018.

In late March 2020, Suncorp was one of many Australian businesses to transition as many of their employees as possible to working from home. Even so, there remained a core group of essential staff who needed to continue to work from the office.

At a time of heightened social restrictions, Suncorp wanted to help their essential employees avoid commuting via public transport. The onsite parking at their Brisbane and Sydney premises, usually allocated to their tool of trade vehicles, was offered up to their essential workers.

Suncorp were also quick to lease additional off-site commercial parking to ensure they were able to meet the parking needs of their essential staff.  

The essential workers did not have access to Suncorp’s onsite parking before COVID-19. The sudden change to Suncorp’s parking usage meant an entirely new cohort of parkers had to be onboarded into the DIVVY system very quickly, so that they could access the car parks.

Over the course of the lockdown period, Suncorp would add more than 100 new users to the DIVVY system.

Because the DIVVY system is so user-friendly, they were able to do so without a hitch. A couple of weeks into the new working arrangements, Suncorp called upon DIVVY’s reporting functionality to reveal the actual usage of their parking bays during this period.

The reports issued by the DIVVY Enterprise system showed that as employees stayed at home as much as possible, actual parking usage was lower than Suncorp’s initial projections. Suncorp were able to relinquish the additional commercial parking bays they had leased at the beginning of the restrictions, thereby returning savings to the business, and transfer the staff who had been using those bays over to the DIVVY system to use Suncorp’s own onsite parking.

Suncorp’s onsite parking never reached full capacity during lockdown because DIVVY optimised the use of the spaces so efficiently. DIVVY managed the high number of parkers and the ad hoc, unpredictable pattern of parking usage without fault.

As restrictions ease and workplaces re-open, Suncorp are gradually transitioning their staff back to their offices, with groups of employees starting to return from mid-June. Subject to government advice regarding safe public transport usage, staff will be encouraged to return to public transport and onsite parking will revert to the tool of trade vehicles. Suncorp will continue to use DIVVY Enterprise to manage and monitor parking usage during the transition period as COVID-19 working procedures are wound down and the trade fleet return to their onsite parking.

Joseph Harmon, Fleet and Car Parking Manager for Suncorp, says,

‘Since 2018, Suncorp has depended on DIVVY to provide convenient and reportable parking management at our Brisbane Square and Shelley Street locations.

DIVVY Enterprise gave us the flexibility to start using our parking bays for a completely different sector of our team almost overnight, helping us to manage our business efficiently during a very unpredictable time.’

DIVVY was fantastic during the COVID-19 restrictions. It gave us complete and accurate visibility over parking bay utilisation and was so easy to use as we added more than a hundred new parkers to the system.

For further information, please contact Kat Fowler, DIVVY’s Marketing and Communications Manager at  


How your business can save on its car parking spaces during COVID-19

To help businesses navigate this difficult time, here are our top tips for reducing car parking costs during the coronavirus pandemic. 

1. Pay less Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) 

Did you know that your business could be paying less FBT on employee car parking at the moment? If your staff car parking is not meeting all the ATO’s conditions, it could be exempt or receive a reduction from FBT – for example, if car parking is provided for less than 4 hours between 7am and 7pm. 

If your company has staff working from home, and employee parking is going unused, it is worth investigating whether that parking is currently exempt from FBT. DIVVY Enterprise clients can determine exact car parking usage in an instant with DIVVY’s reports portal and potentially save thousands during this time. 

2. Get an exemption on the Parking Space Levy 

Sydney, Melbourne and Perth all have versions of the parking space levy (known in Victoria as the congestion levy), an annual tax payable by owners of parking spaces located in specific high-density districts. 

As part of the NSW Government’s tax relief measures to assist businesses impacted by COVID-19, Revenue NSW have announced that PSL payments will be deferred until 30 September 2020. At the time of writing, the Victorian and Western Australian governments are yet to make similar announcements. 

Now is a good time to investigate whether your parking spaces are eligible for exemption from the parking space levy. In NSW an unused casual car parking space – that is, a car space available for public parking – is excluded from the PSL calculation. 

If your business has car spaces listed for public parking on DIVVY Marketplace that are not being used to their full capacity at the moment, investigate whether you are eligible to reduce your PSL payment. The DIVVY reports portal can provide the usage records required to apply for an exemption. 

If you’re a building tenant with car parking on your lease, there’s a good chance your landlord is benefiting from the PSL deferral. Consider asking them to pass the current deferrals and savings on to you too.  

3. Make money from your empty car parking spaces 

You could be generating revenue from parking spaces left empty by staff working from home. If you have DIVVY access controllers installed in your car park, consider listing your empty car parking spaces for public bookings on DIVVY Marketplace. There are still people commuting to work who need safe and secure parking, and every Marketplace booking returns revenue to your business. 

If your car park has a ticket validator or valet service entry system, your vacant parking spaces can be listed for public booking on our parking aggregator site Justbooked. List parking spaces for free and take advantage of a new marketing channel. 

4. Get efficient with DIVVY Enterprise 

The DIVVY Enterprise parking management system helps businesses get the most out of their parking at any time, and it can make life that bit simpler and safer during COVID-19.   

DIVVY Enterprise uses contactless QR code technology to provide access to car parks, doing away with the unsafe practice of sharing physical access cards. 

The ‘Free Up My Space’ feature offers the ultimate flexibility for staff parking management, even more, useful in rapidly evolving situations like the coronavirus pandemic. Employees with allocated parking who are working from home can make their parking space available for those staff that need to continue to travel into the office and who don’t normally have access to parking. 

The ‘Book On Behalf’ feature makes it easy to enable access to parking for employees or others visitors who don’t usually park on-site, or who usually work from another site, but need access during COVID-19. 

DIVVY Enterprise uses secure cloud-based technology so all these features, plus Enterprise’s multitude of other functions, can all be performed remotely, meaning staff working from home can continue to manage and monitor parking efficiently and with ease. 

*Please note DIVVY does not provide financial advice and we recommend you seek advice from your financial advisory or accountant.

We’re here to help. For more information, please contact Kat Fowler, DIVVY’s Marketing and Communications Manager at  

Case Study staff parking

Data is key to more efficient parking for Boral

Building and construction materials group, Boral, is using data supplied by the DIVVY Technology parking management system to increase efficiencies and flexibility at their North Ryde office.

Triniti Business Park in North Ryde, Sydney, owned by Stockland, is home to a number of blue-chip companies, including Boral Australia’s New South Wales head office and shared services. Stockland installed DIVVY access controllers at Triniti to help their tenants manage staff parking as easily and efficiently as possible.

Looking to recoup costs associated with parking space leases and optimise staff parking, Boral was quick to move to the DIVVY Enterprise system in September 2019 to better manage their 220 parking spaces. Similarly, Downer EDI, another naming tenant in Triniti Business Park, has taken on DIVVY Enterprise. You can read about the way they use DIVVY Technology here.

DIVVY Enterprise’s real-time, detailed and accurate reporting was the key to Boral’s increased efficiencies. Boral wanted to establish whether their leased car parking spaces were being used to their full potential. DIVVY Enterprise’s utilisation reporting gave Boral a clear picture of how their parking spaces were being used.  The data provided an accurate insight into how many parking spaces Boral needed to meet its staff parking needs and how utilisation could be improved based on staff working hours and needs. As a result, Boral now leases 35 fewer parking spaces at the North Ryde office, while still meeting its staff parking needs.

DIVVY Enterprise allows Boral to manage its staff parking in nuanced and incredibly efficient ways. Boral has established parking groups in the DIVVY system based on staff parking needs. By managing groups with different DIVVY features, Boral can ensure that a wide range of staff parking priorities and needs are met.

For example, Boral has a parking group to manage the parking needs of staff who work part-time or who visit the North Ryde office less frequently. Some of these staff create DIVVY accounts and self-book their parking from an allocated pool of parking spaces. Others in this group can access parking from the same pool of spaces through the Book on Behalf feature, managed by Boral administrators, which emails the parker a QR code to access their parking.

A particularly practical feature is that the number of parking spaces assigned to each parking group is managed by Boral’s administrators, meaning that parking spaces can be reallocated from one group to another when required. This detailed level of parking management provides Boral with flexibility and efficiency.

DIVVY Enterprise has also saved Boral’s facilities staff time and effort. Prior to the implementation of the DIVVY Enterprise system, Boral’s facilities team was routinely required to liaise with their Triniti Business Park neighbours in order to resolve issues when staff from other companies incorrectly parked in Boral’s bays.

Now, with DIVVY Enterprise in place, a member of Boral’s facilities team simply contacts the DIVVY support team, who has access to the relevant groups and the driver and vehicle details for all users signed up to the platform. The DIVVY Parking support team can then contact those drivers who have mistakenly parked in the wrong bay.

The more tenants in the business park who implement the DIVVY Enterprise system, the more powerful this function becomes. Triniti Business Park’s two largest tenants, Downer Group and Boral, are both DIVVY users, and thus much time and effort has been saved in this way.

Brian Tasker, National General Manager, Boral Land and Property Group, said:

‘The DIVVY Enterprise parking management system has given us the data and reporting we needed to better understand the parking utilisation and requirements at our North Ryde office. Through the use of DIVVY Enterprise, we have been able to consolidate and streamline our parking and provide greater flexibility and efficiencies for our business.’

For further information, please contact Kat Fowler, DIVVY’s Marketing and Communications Manager at  

Case Study staff parking

Making parking simple for GenesisCare

Leading healthcare group GenesisCare are focused on supporting their staff in their important purpose: designing innovative treatments and care for people with cancer, heart disease and sleep disorders. They are improving the small details, like parking, to enable their people to concentrate on their vital work. That’s why they chose DIVVY Technology to manage the staff parking at their Australian national office – when elements like parking are simple and seamless, people are free to focus on what is important.

When Dexus rolled out DIVVY’s parking management system at their property The Mill at Alexandria in June, GenesisCare also came onboard with DIVVY. GenesisCare’s Australian national office comprises of the largest tenancy at The Mill, with 55 of the property’s 130 parking bays on their lease. Dissatisfied with the user experience of their previous parking management system, GenesisCare are now using the DIVVY Enterprise system to manage all their staff parking needs.

DIVVY Enterprise’s additional features include ‘Free Up My Space’, whereby employees with assigned car spaces can free up their space for others to book when it is not in use, and ‘Book on Behalf’, allowing parking to be booked for visitors or other employees. DIVVY Enterprise also makes it possible for companies to charge their staff for parking, managing the entire process from booking to payment. 

Property & Facilities Manager at GenesisCare, Hoani Tainui said:

“The ease and simplicity of the DIVVY user experience is what initially attracted us to the system. As an organisation, we are undergoing a period of rapid growth, so it is absolutely imperative that we get the right systems and processes in place at our head office in Alexandria.”

GenesisCare are the first Dexus tenant to implement the DIVVY Enterprise system for staff parking management.

For further information, please contact Kat Fowler, DIVVY’s Marketing and Communications Manager at

Bookable Assets

DIVVY and Dexus join forces at The Mill

DIVVY has once again teamed up with leading real estate group Dexus, this time at their unique heritage property The Mill at Alexandria. The DIVVY parking management system was rolled out at the property in June to facilitate tenant parking.

The Mill is a 1.9-hectare mixed use multi-tenanted property comprised of a mix of modern and refurbished historic buildings in Alexandria, NSW, with warehouse style offices, retail spaces and 130 car parking bays.

It is home to a diverse range of tenants, including GenesisCare, Bendon Lingerie, Seafolly, Under Armour and iconic South Sydney eatery The Grounds of Alexandria. The DIVVY parking management system was chosen by Dexus to facilitate tenant parking due to its ease of use. DIVVY’s market-leading access controllers, which use a QR code reader, allow tenants’ staff to scan in and out of the car park without fuss or delay.

DIVVY is now the preferred parking management system in 11-Dexus-owned properties nationwide, with more to come soon.

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