Introducing DIVVY’s new pre-book parking option – Multi-day bookings

Introducing DIVVY’s new pre-book parking option – Multi-day bookings
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What good is a parking management system if it’s not easy to use? A simple and straightforward user experience has always been our top priority at DIVVY. That’s why we’ve just introduced a new feature that makes our booking system easier to use than ever – the multi-day bookings option. Now DIVVY customers can pre-book a parking space for multiple consecutive days in one simple transaction.

How does DIVVY’s new multi-day parking feature work?

DIVVY users have always been able to book their parking by the hour, the day or the month, but now, thanks to the new multi-day parking option, they can pre-book their parking for two or more consecutive days at once.

The addition of the new multi-day parking option gives DIVVY users the ultimate flexibility when booking a parking space. Whether they need a parking space for an hour, a day, a couple of days, a week, a month or even longer, it’s easy to book with DIVVY. Users making multi-day parking bookings may enjoy a discounted rate for their longer stay, too.

The multi-day parking option is perfect for commuters who want to book their parking a week at a time. It’s tailor-made for businesses catering for guests who need parking for several days, such as hotels and airport parking operators.

The multi-day booking feature is available to all DIVVY Marketplace customers (public parking) as well as DIVVY Enterprise users (staff parking). DIVVY users across Australia can pre-book their multi-day parking on the DIVVY app or website.

How multi-day parking bookings make staff parking management a breeze

DIVVY’s new multi-day parking pre-book feature is set to make managing staff parking smoother than ever.

The days of allocating a parking space to a single staff member (and having the space sit empty when that person is out of the office) are long gone. Today, hybrid working is king, with a recent CBRE survey revealing that more than 90 per cent of Australian employers expect their staff to mix working in the office with working from home. This has prompted businesses to look at their staff parking in a whole new light and ask – how do we best manage our staff parking assets now?

With Australian unemployment sitting at a low 3.4%, according to the July figures from the ABS, the importance of the employee experience has also come to the fore. Savvy businesses are dedicating time and resources to attracting and retaining staff; for some, that means offering staff parking on the days employees work in the office.

In this new world, staff parking spaces need to work a lot harder and managing them is more complex than ever. That means businesses need parking technology that allows them to be flexible, agile and adaptive in an ever-changing workplace environment.

DIVVY’s parking management system makes organising staff parking simple. And coupled with existing DIVVY features like Free Up My Space, the new multi-day booking option is set to streamline staff parking management even further by making it easy for employees to select and reserve several days’ worth of parking at once.

Flexible parking solutions with DIVVY technology

Looking for a one-stop parking solution? DIVVY’s full suite of parking management software and hardware saves you time and money by making managing your parking simple. Whether you’re after a staff parking management system, a public parking booking system or an access control solution, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly sales team today.