DIVVY helps manage additional bookable assets in your building
Free Up My Space

Free Up My Space is a market first feature which allows parkers to free up their parking bay if they’re not using it. This feature is particularly effective with staff who have a...

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DIVVY offers tenant/staff features to improve staff parking management
Book On Behalf

Book On Behalf is a feature DIVVY developed for the management of visitor parking. Chosen staff members can be given access to the Admin Portal which will allow them to book parking on...

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Through DIVVY's access control device you can get cost savings reports
Cost Savings Reports

DIVVY’s access control devices enable you to have access to reports on the utilisation of your car park. This means you have access to data to assist you in making informed busin...

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When you list your parking spot with DIVVY, you can decide the pricing of your car park
Paid Parking Options

We enable organisations to charge their staff, or specific groups of staff, for parking. This takes the financial burden off the organisation and can be put through the DIVVY payment g...

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