Sammy Hardware

Sammy brings cutting edge IoT technology to car parks. Utilising the latest in IoT technology it provides a seamless parking experience for visitors, while providing live and secure data for auditing, security and compliance. It enhances customer experience using QR code technology for entries and exits with a fully integrated VOIP intercom. This access control device can be used for both Drive Up and Pre-book parking. Sammy provides data to the DIVVY cloud portal on utilisation, entries and exits, customer behaviour models and much more.

DIVVY's I/O IoT Controller device
IoT I/O Controller

The DIVVY IoT I/O Controller is a simple, cost-effective solution designed to help building managers automate and control the on/off functions of low-voltage assets such as parking gates, door latches, turnstiles, or water pumps through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Push Button Technology

DIVVY’s new contactless, windows-up access solution utilises geo-location technology to enable parkers to access their parking through boomgates and roller shutters with the touch of a button. By installing DIVVY’s IoT Contollers, parkers can use the DIVVY App to open a boomgate on arrival and departure within their booking window. This technology is great for carpark’s with short driveways, roller shutters and nested areas.

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