DIVVY’s vision was to solve the parking problem by applying market leading technology using hardware and software to enable a better parking experience. Now DIVVY has the capability to apply the same technology to all bookable assets, such as end of trip facilities, meeting rooms, hot desks and shared workspaces.

Building a smarter world

Connecting drivers with spaces that otherwise sit unused reduces congestion on our streets by up to 30%, reduces pollution created by cars driving around for hours looking for a park, and improves the flow of commuters in a CBD.

When businesses get on board with the sharing economy, as well as everyday people, the potential to truly improve how our cities work is exponentially greater.

Providing better parking is key to an efficient city, and that’s why DIVVY builds smarter parking solutions.


DIVVY’s ethos has always been to collaborate and work with other organisations who bring great ideas and industry leadership to assist us with developing market leading technology and hardware. You can find some of our partners below.

Co-management partnership with Microsoft
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Technology partnership with Samsung
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Who we work with