About Us

DIVVY’s mission is simple. Solve the parking crisis by making better use of car spaces
that sit vacant every day. We build smarter parking.

We drive too. We get it.

The idea for Divvy was born in 2011 from a simple problem: Nick Austin would drive to work in Sydney each day and could never find a parking space. It sent him mad enough to quit his job and start a parking platform.

There’s one parking space for every six drivers in Sydney’s CBD, which ranks in the Top 10 Most Expensive Places to Park on the Planet. Melbourne and Brisbane are not too far behind.

But the battle for parking needn’t be be fought on the pavement. There are literally thousands of parking spaces hidden in corporate office buildings and hotels in our CBDs.

Divvy unlocks under-utilised spaces in commercial buildings and gives drivers and tenants exclusive access to those spaces at the touch of a button. We provide commuters access to Australia’s fastest growing parking network, with unparalleled convenience and flexibility, and owners are able to enjoy the benefits of a new income stream and the ability to offer a much smarter parking solution in their buildings.

Our commitment to Australia’s drivers

Easy to use

Parking should be simple, safe and secure. Book and pay with a tap, swipe to access. Divvy takes the hassle and stress out of parking.


No one wants to park miles away from their destination. We work tirelessly to give drivers access to thousands of secure parking spaces in high demand CBD, metropolitan and suburban areas around Australia. New locations open up every week on Divvy.


We believe parking in Australia is seriously overpriced. Pay just a fraction of normal parking rates with Divvy. We’re committed to making parking more affordable for those who need it.

Building a smarter planet

Connecting drivers with spaces that otherwise sit unused reduces congestion on our streets by up-to 30%, reduces pollution created by cars driving around for hours looking for a park, and improves the flow of commuters in a CBD.

When businesses get on board with the share economy, as well as everyday people, the potential to truly improve how our cities work is exponentially greater.

Providing better parking is key to an efficient city, and that’s why DIVVY builds smarter parking solutions