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Canberra Accommodation Centre, Braddon ACT

Now offering casual Drive Up parking and pre-book parking at this location. Located in Braddon only minutes away from the CBD and near light rail.

Case Study staff parking

AMES Australia and DIVVY: A Case Study in Managing Complex Parking Requirements

One location, two car parks with several very different functions – DIVVY’s smart parking management solutions take care of them all.

Client: AMES Australia

Property: 30-32 Prospect Street, Box Hill, Victoria

At 30-32 Prospect Street, in the heart of Box Hill’s up-and-coming business district, is the local branch of Australian training and settlement agency, AMES Australia. The building is also home to the Inner Eastern Melbourne branch of The Orange Door, a government-backed network that provides help for people experiencing family violence. DIVVY manages two car parks at Prospect Street – one for each group.

Getting the most out of a multipurpose car park

The AMES Australia Box Hill car park plays two roles – to provide parking for AMES Australia staff and fleet vehicles as well as paid public parking. When DIVVY took over the management of the car park in February 2023, the first step was to install boom gates.

The previous parking operator had been running a ‘pay and display’ public parking system in the car park, which was difficult to manage effectively in such a busy area where parking is hard to come by.

How to manage staff parking plus pre-booked and casual public parking in the same car park

Now, AMES Australia enjoys ultimate flexibility when it comes to their staff and fleet parking, thanks to the DIVVY staff parking management solution. AMES Australia groups its employees for parking purposes, allowing them to manage different levels of parking access quickly and easily. Members of one group book and pay for their onsite parking via the DIVVY app, while fleet cars have permanent parking access.  

At the same time, DIVVY has made the management of the paid public parking at 30-32 Prospect Street more efficient and effective. Drivers can pre-book their parking via the DIVVY app or website, or they can take advantage of DIVVY’s Drive Up casual parking system.

Thanks to DIVVY’s push button technology, AMES Australia staff and pre-booked public parkers enjoy a ‘windows up’ parking experience. When drivers with a parking booking approach the car park entrance, they only need to tap a button in the DIVVY app on their phone to open the boom gate and enter the car park. Geolocation technology limits the push button function to drivers with a booking, and only when the driver is within close range of the car park.

Drivers without a booking can park at 30-32 Prospect Street with DIVVY’s Drive Up. They just tap their credit card, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay at the boom gate to gain entry. When it’s time to leave, another tap with the same payment method at the car park exit opens the boom gate, and they’re on their way. 30-32 Prospect Street is the first car park in Victoria to feature DIVVY’s Drive Up.

Convenient public parking in bustling Box Hill

Set just behind Box Hill’s main thoroughfare, Whitehorse Road, AMES Australia’s car park is perfectly positioned for employees from local workplaces, commuters catching the train from Box Hill Station, visitors and employees of Box Hill Central shopping centre, Box Hill Hospital or Epworth Eastern Hospital, and students and staff from the Box Hill Institute. It’s also an excellent overnight parking option for residents of local apartment buildings, given the lack of street parking in the area.

Putting safety and security at the forefront

Family support and safety hub The Orange Door also has a car park at 30-32 Prospect Street. In contrast to AMES Australia’s public car park, this car park is used only by The Orange Door’s staff and clients. Given the sensitive nature of the important work The Orange Door does, safety and privacy are paramount.

The Orange Door uses DIVVY’s Premium Pass Parking feature to ensure that only their staff and authorised visitors – and no one else – can access parking in their car park.

The Orange Door’s staff and visitors book their parking space via the DIVVY app or website, but the Premium Pass Parking feature means that they are the only ones who can do so because the parking is only visible and bookable for The Orange Door’s authorised clients.

This functionality allows The Orange Door to manage staff and visitor parking conveniently and efficiently while upholding the privacy and security levels their business and visitors need.

Clayton Abraham, Senior Facilities Manager for AMES Australia, says,

“The old pay-and-display parking system just wasn’t working for us in our Prospect Street car park. DIVVY’s versatile system, which offers both pre-booked and casual parking, gives us the flexibility we need in our car park while still ensuring parkers are paying correctly for their parking and not overstaying the time they’ve paid for. Meanwhile, the adaptability of the DIVVY staff parking management product allows our tenants, The Orange Door, to manage their client and visitor parking safely, securely, and easily.”

How can we help you with your parking?

Does your business have a mixed staff and public car park that’s crying out for efficient management? Or perhaps your car park is used by several tenants with different parking requirements. We can help you with versatile and adaptable parking management solutions to solve all your parking problems. Get in touch with our sales staff today.

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Where to Park at Norwest Private Hospital and Emergency Department 

Short visits, long stays, last minute parking, or staff parking – no matter the type of hospital visit, we’ve got your Norwest Private Hospital parking covered.  

DIVVY has the best deals for cheap hospital parking, with two great car parks right next to Norwest Private Hospital in Bella Vista. 

Norwest Private Hospital parking at 18 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista 

  • Open: 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • Rates: 0-1 hour – $4 
    • 1-2 hours – $7.50 
    • 2-3 hours – $9.50 
    • 3+ hours – $12.50  
  • Book: No need to book; just drive up 

Directly across the road from Norwest Private Hospital and its emergency department, this car park at 18 Norbrik Drive, Bella Vista, couldn’t be more conveniently located; it’s less than a minutes’ walk from the hospital’s front door.  

There’s no need to book your parking space at this open-air car park. Just drive up to the car park entrance and tap your credit card (VISA, Mastercard or AMEX PayWave) or your Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to gain entry. Tap again with the same payment method at the car park exit, and you’re away.  

To make life even easier, this car park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Norwest Private Hospital parking at The Bond, 8 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista 

The Bond, Bella Vista
  • Open: 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • Drive up rates: 2 hours free parking 
  • Pre-book rates:  
    • Hourly: $3  
    • Weekday day (6am – 6pm): $12.50 
    • Weekday evening (6pm – 6am): $10 
    • Weekend day (6am – 6pm): $6 
    • Weekend evening (6pm – 6am): $8 
    • 24-hour parking: $14 
    • Monthly parking: $120
  • Book: via the DIVVY app or website 

Located at 8 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista, this secure car park is just 450 metres, or 5 minutes’ walk, from Norwest Private Hospital.  

This DIVVY car park caters for both short and long-term hospital visits. Only popping into Norwest Private Hospital for a short time? Simply drive into the car park for two hours free parking. If you’re planning a longer stay, pre-book your parking by the hour, day, or even month via the DIVVY app or website.  

When you enter the car park, proceed through the first entrance (if you reach the childcare car park entrance, you’ve gone too far). You can park in any visitor bay on the ground floor, level B1 or B2. Once you’ve parked your car, take the large fire doors on the ground floor to the building’s foyer. From there, you can access the street.  

The car park roller shutter is open from 6am – 10.30pm seven days a week. If you need to access the car park outside those hours, you’ll find a DIVVY access device on the left-hand side of the roller shutter. 

Book your parking space at The Bond, 8 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista, on the DIVVY app or website, or just drive up for two hours free parking. 

Looking for cheap parking near Norwest Private Hospital and Emergency Department? 

DIVVY is here to make parking at Norwest Private Hospital cheaper and easier. For casual parking, just drive up to our Norbrik Drive or Elizabeth Macarthur Drive car parks. Or, to reserve your parking space, download the DIVVY app for iPhone or Android, or book your Norwest Private Hospital parking on our website today.  


Where to park near Royal North Shore Hospital   

Whether you’re a patient, visitor, carer, or staff member, parking near Royal North Shore Hospital in St Leonards can be costly and hard to come by.  

DIVVY makes hospital parking easy with two cheap parking options less than 5 minutes’ walk from Royal North Shore Hospital.

Royal North Shore Hospital parking at 207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards 

  • Open: 6am to 8pm on weekdays 
  • All-day rate: Park from 6am to 8pm (or any time in between) for $15 
  • Book: via the DIVVY app or website

Located on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Reserve Road, this secure car park is just 350 metres, or 4 minutes’ walk, from the main entrance of Royal North Shore Hospital.  

The DIVVY car park at 207 Pacific Highway offers all-day (6am to 8pm) pre-booked parking on weekdays for just $15. And you can enter any time after 6am and exit any time before 8pm – there’s no ‘early bird’ catch.  

The car park entry is located on Reserve Road (check out the handy photos of the car park entrance on the DIVVY app or website before you set out, so you know what you’re looking for). Once you enter the car park, follow the bay numbers until you reach your allocated bay on B1. DIVVY parking spaces are located on level 1 and are marked with DIVVY Blue Bay signage.  

Pedestrians can access the car park after hours via the DIVVY device outside the front of Building A on the Pacific Highway. Car park level B1 is accessible via the lifts. 

Book your parking space at 207 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, on the DIVVY app or website.

Royal North Shore Hospital parking at 12 Frederick Street, St Leonards 

12 Frederick Street, St Leonards 
  • Open: 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  • Hourly parking rate: $5 
  • All-day parking rate: $13 
  • Monthly parking rate: $250 
  • Book: via the DIVVY app or website 

The DIVVY car park at 12 Frederick Street is found on the building’s western side at 63 Reserve Road. It’s directly opposite the entrance to the Royal North Shore Hospital Car Park and a mere 350 metres, or 4 minutes’ walk, from the front doors of Royal North Shore Hospital. 

This open-air car park offers pre-booked parking seven days a week starting from just $5 an hour. You can park all day for $13, or if you’re an employee or frequent visitor to Royal North Shore Hospital, you can secure a monthly parking space for $250. Book your hourly, daily and monthly parking at 12 Frederick Street on the DIVVY app or website

You’ll find the 12 Frederick Street car park entry and exit at 63 Reserve Road, St Leonards. DIVVY parking spaces are located along the car park wall closest to Royal North Shore Hospital. You’re welcome to park in any parking bay with a DIVVY Reserved Parking sign. 

Reserve your parking space at 12 Frederick Street, St Leonards, on the DIVVY app or website

Looking for cheap parking near Royal North Shore Hospital? 

Parking at Royal North Shore Hospital doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Download the DIVVY app for iPhone or Android, or book your Royal North Shore Hospital parking on our website today.  

Bookable Assets Case Study staff parking

A Case Study in Simple and Secure Building Access

When Sandran Property Group needed a smart, streamlined building access system tailored to meet the needs of their security-conscious blue chip tenant, they approached DIVVY for a solution.

Client: Sandran Property Group

Property: 121-125 Henry Street, Penrith, NSW

Sandran Property Group owns 121-125 Henry Street, an A-grade commercial office building in the heart of Penrith’s rapidly gentrifying CBD. The building, which underwent a $35 million refurbishment in 2017, is home to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, as well as other premium tenants.

DIVVY has worked with Sandran at 121-125 Henry Street since 2018, providing simple and secure staff parking management. So when Sandran’s tenant, the ATO, requested a comprehensive, highly secure building access system, Sandran turned to DIVVY for the answer.

An inefficient and outdated building access system 

Building access was once a piecemeal, disconnected affair at 121-125 Henry Street. 

Employee access to the underground car park was successfully managed by DIVVY’s staff parking management system. But staff had to use a swipe card to access the ground floor from the car park. They then had to use a second swipe card to enter their office.

The ATO needed a smart, streamlined office access solution that took parkers all the way from the car park entrance to their desk. But, given the sensitive nature of the ATO’s work, any access control system needed to meet the ATO’s high-level, specialised security parameters. 

The DIVVY solution 

DIVVY’s Sammy building access device in the lift foyer.

At the ATO’s request, DIVVY stepped in to provide the solution. Sandran Property Group gave the green light to install DIVVY’s Sammy access device in the lift foyer and integrate the DIVVY bookable assets system with the existing Schindler lift system. Now, office access for ATO staff is a breeze.

All they need to access their workplace is one DIVVY QR code. That code allows them to enter and exit the car park as well as call the lift to take them to the level on which they work. The DIVVY system gives building management complete oversight across who has entered the building via the car park, what time they entered, and which building levels they have accessed. The days of staff and management juggling several swipe card systems are long gone.  

Eugene Chiew, Senior Property Manager at Sandran Property Group, says, “As a property manager, ensuring my tenants’ needs are met is my highest priority. Here at 121-125 Henry Street, we needed a building access system that would be smooth and easy for staff to use and management to run, while also meeting the high-level security requirements of our major tenant, the ATO.

The DIVVY system has done exactly that – simplified and streamlined building access at the same time as satisfying the ATO’s specific access security protocols. Having worked with DIVVY on staff parking management in my previous role at Knight Frank, I was confident they would deliver here at 121-125 Henry Street, and they did.” 

DIVVY's Sammy Device

What’s next for 121-125 Henry Street? 

Car park access will soon be even simpler for staff at 121-125 Henry Street with the imminent installation of DIVVY’s push button technology. This will enable a ‘windows up’ parking experience for staff entering and exiting the car park. DIVVY’s push button technology opens car park entry and exit gates when authorised parkers touch a button in the DIVVY app on their phone. Geo-location technology ensures that access is limited to permitted parkers and only when they are within close range of the car park.  

As the needs of commercial tenants become more specialised and individualised, demand for smart, connected access solutions that can be customised to meet a tenant’s requirements will only continue to grow.

To find out how we can help you meet your tenant’s needs, get in touch with our sales team today.  


The Simple Way to Find and Book Melbourne Parking 

Parking in Melbourne can be hard to find and expensive too. The more affordable on-street parking fills up quickly, while a 2019 study ranked Melbourne’s all-day off-street parking as the 5th most expensive in the world.

And with a January 2022 report revealing that Melbourne’s daily car use is expected to be up 11 per cent on pre-pandemic levels, the competition for parking spaces is higher than ever. We are looking into the best way to find cheap Melbourne parking. 

How to find and pre-book Melbourne parking spaces 

Drivers face two issues when it comes to parking in Melbourne – availability and cost. Finding a cheap (and empty) parking space in Australia’s second largest city is hard. Make your next Melbourne parking experience a pleasure by pre-booking a parking space via the DIVVY app or website.

Booking in advance is the only way to guarantee you will have a parking space waiting for you when you get to your destination. It is also a great way to get a decent price on your parking. Forget paying $23 an hour for Melbourne CBD parking; with DIVVY, you can park in the heart of Melbourne city for just $22 for the entire day

Parking in Melbourne with DIVVY 

Whether you are visiting the city for business or pleasure, DIVVY’s parking at 360 Collins Street offers the ultimate in convenient Melbourne CBD parking. Handily located between Queen and Elizabeth Streets, DIVVY’s Collins Street parking is ideally placed for Melbourne city commuters and shoppers alike. It is a short walk from Flinders Street station, Melbourne Town Hall, and Southbank, just seconds from the trams and within easy reach of Docklands, too.  

Shoppers looking for Melbourne Central and Bourke Street Mall parking will find 360 Collins Street perfectly located for a spot of retail therapy. In just 14 kilometers (about 8.7 mi) east of Melbourne city, DIVVY offers parking at 32 Prospect Street, Box Hill. This car park is located closer to all major shopping centers, indoor markets, wide array of restaurants and shops along Box Hill Central station and Whitehorse Road. 

Get your Melbourne parking at 360 Collins Street for $25 per day and 32 Prospect StreetBox Hill for $9 per day, via the DIVVY app or website

If you work in Port Melbourne, you will want to check out DIVVY’s parking at 191 Salmon Street. Nestled in the heart of the Fishermans Bend precinct, Australia’s largest urban renewal project, DIVVY’s Salmon Street parking in Port Melbourne is a stone’s throw from GM Holden’s Australian headquarters and the iconic factory where Vegemite has been made since 1923.

In 2024, 191 Salmon Street will gain another great neighbour – the University of Melbourne’s brand-new engineering school. It’s also only 5 km from Melbourne’s CBD, with ultra-convenient access to the West Gate Freeway via Lorimer Street and CityLink.

DIVVY offers Port Melbourne parking at 191 Salmon Street on weekdays from 8am to 5.30pm. Hourly parking starts at just $3, or park all day for $10. Commuters get excellent value with monthly parking for $160.  

Download the DIVVY app for iPhone or Android or book your Melbourne parking on our website today.  


How to book your Airport Parking with DIVVY

With so many different ways to get to and from the airport, finding an airport parking option that works for your trip can be overwhelming. DIVVY can make your trip easier with simple airport parking in Sydney, and you might find it’s cheaper than a taxi fare.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest deal, long or short-term parking, undercover or outdoor, valet or shuttle services, DIVVY Parking offers a range of trusted Sydney airport parking choices so you can select the parking space that’s right for you.

DIVVY currently offers airport parking options at 14- 18 Lee Street, Haymarket, Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport and 289 King Street, Mascot.

DIVVY users can secure a covered parking spot at the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport for $15 per day with DIVVY. The hotel offers a $11 shuttle service to and from the airport or alternatively this is just a short 15-minute walk from the domestic airport.

DIVVY has partnered with Space Shuttle Parking to offer daily and hourly pre-book parking at 289 King Street, Mascot. This car park is just 5 minutes from the Sydney Domestic Terminal, making it a popular and affordable Sydney Airport Parking option. All bookings include free on-demand shuttle service to both domestic and international Sydney airport terminals.

How to search for Airport Parking:

Parkers who are looking for long-term multi-day parking, can now park near Sydney Central Station for just $19 per day at 14-18 Lee Street, Haymarket and hop on a train there to go straight to the airport. 24 hours of parking in Sydney CBD for just $19 is a bargain!

To find airport parking on DIVVY, start your search by selecting the DAILY category on the DIVVY App or website. Then search for MASCOT. All of our airport parking locations will then appear.

Alternatively, you can search Sydney Airport, however you will need to expand the distance to 4km’s or more to find all of the airport parking options.

It is important that you select the correct daily rate that matches your length of stay. Rates are based on calendar days and are subject to availability. Non-compliance may result in cancellation (with refund) or incur surcharges applicable to the rates of the level actually parked and actual length of stay.

Don’t know how to use the DIVVY App? Follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your DIVVY App and click on the “Parking” button below and choose “Daily” button to book multi-day parking.

DIVVY App- Search for multi-day parking lot

2. Enter the desired location on the search tab and click “set location”, refine dates based on the duration of the stay and click “search results” button and the prices will be listed below.

DIVVY App- Enter location
Discounted Premium Price for multi-day parking listed

3. Select the desired category based on the number of days and click the button “Book this Space” to pre-book parking.

Discounted Premium Price -Selection based on the parking type & dates
Book Space Button to book the car park | DIVVY App

For more information on how to use the DIVVY Parking App, watch the video – .

All DIVVY’s Mascot parking options offer both short- and long-term parking, so no matter the duration of your trip, you’ve got plenty of choice with DIVVY.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you can’t beat the feeling of jumping into your own car when you touchdown after your trip. Next time you’re departing from Sydney, visit DIVVY to search, compare and book your Mascot airport parking.