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Divvy Christmas tips

Tips for avoiding Christmas shopping congestion.

It’s “the most wonderful time of the year” again. Christmas parties begin, the David Jones decorations are up, and the dreaded gift shopping has made its way onto your lenghty to-do list. It should, of course, be an enjoyable experience, and it probably would be if everyone else didn’t have the same idea!

Pay attention to new road closures

If you want to avoid getting caught in traffic over the Christmas shopping season, pay attention to the additional road closures set to come into effect on December 3rd. The main thoroughfare in the CBD between Market Street and Park Street will be blocked off as construction on the light rail continues. No doubt the surrounding businesses will be feeling the pain (particularly this time of year) but it does mean that they’ll be quieter than usual!

Enjoy a lunchtime shopping session

Walk, talk and shop. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get out of the office for your lunch break, use this time to tick a few presents off your list. Not only do you stay organised, but this short break from the office should give you a nice energy hit! It’s the ideal time to pick up the smaller stocking filler gifts that have you racing around town at the last minute. Give yourself a limit of 1 hour max and stick to it.

Go late night browsing, before December 24th!

Don’t save late night shopping for Christmas Eve, or even the week before. It doesn’t need to be a chore, and it will make the next few weeks a lot easier. Make an evening of it. Grab some shopping buddies after work, plan to enjoy a nice early dinner in the CBD, and then head to the shops. The main shopping centres and the surrounding stores along Pitt Street stay open late on Thursdays and while they are far from empty, the crowds are definitely more manageable. Crowded shops mean impulse purchases that you’ll no doubt regret, either when you see the receipt or the disappointed look on the recipient’s face! If you’ve booked a monthly space with Divvy, you can even drive home afterward and skip the 5pm traffic.

Happy holidays from Divvy!