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Kate Goodall - Customer Experience and Senior Account Manager- DIVVY Parking

Surviving and thriving at a start-up

DIVVY started life as a mere idea in 2011, spurred by the frustration of trying to find a parking space in Sydney. By 2013 the idea had grown into a registered company and in 2014 we hired our first full-time employee, Kate Goodall. DIVVY has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and as the company has expanded and grown, so have Kate’s roles and her career. Not only our first full-timer, she’s also our longest standing employee and remains a highly valued member of the DIVVY team today.

Kate started with DIVVY as our Sales and Client Service Executive. She had previously worked for government and not-for-profit groups, and the role at DIVVY was her first experience of working at a start-up. Taking the role at DIVVY allowed Kate to realise her desire to work in the tech innovation arena and work with disruptive technology to make a positive impact on people’s day-to-day lives.

DIVVY was created as a peer-to-peer parking booking platform. When Kate started in 2014, it existed as a desktop website that allowed parkers to search for long-term parking, making use of vacant car spaces, whether in someone’s driveway, carport or office building. Kate was brought on board to assess and implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system to drive sales and help DIVVY’s business grow through the development of strategic relationships.

By 2015 DIVVY was focussing on the underutilised parking in commercial buildings and was beginning to move away from the peer-to-peer space. DIVVY was becoming a parking aggregator, operating as a conduit between the owners of corporate buildings and consumers. We offered a monthly parking product that helped owners of corporate buildings generate revenue from unleased parking spaces. Kate’s second role at DIVVY was Corporate Account Manager, where she was responsible for managing the corporate accounts that DIVVY was starting to accumulate.

It was at this time that the DIVVY app was developed and launched, and DIVVY moved into an enterprise-grade business model to meet the needs of the new corporate clientele. Having previously offered only monthly parking, we began to develop casual parking products, in turn opening up a new consumer market and allowing building owners to increase revenue by turning parking spaces over more quickly.

Simultaneously, DIVVY was developing its Enterprise product for the business-to-business market, which included staff parking management and tenant services. In 2016 DIVVY’s first access control device, known as Maggie, was created, using QR code access technology and heralding a new era of parking security and data management.

In 2017 Kate moved into a service delivery and account management role which today sees her as our Customer Experience and Senior Account Manager. Her role includes service delivery and the building and management of an offshore support team of nine people. She works with our large B2B clients to ensure their custom parking set ups, reports and systems are finely tuned to meet their individual needs.

She analyses and monitors our customer’s revenue and performance and is always working to enhance it by ensuring their parking bays are available to drivers in the optimal product category (daily, hourly or monthly parking) – and moving them as and when required – to maximise revenue generation. As well, Kate is part of the change management team, involved with implementing the DIVVY Enterprise product for new clients. She is a valued member of the DIVVY management group and represents customer experience at management level.

Kate says –

‘It’s been such a rewarding experience to work at DIVVY since its early days in 2014. I’ve loved tackling the challenges and demands of moving the business from a peer-to-peer start up to the dynamic and thriving tech innovation leader we are today. I’m proud and, frankly, in awe of how we have developed and grown as an organisation to meet the market needs and trends. We are constantly taking advantage of new opportunities and hitting new milestones. There is still so much to come – it’s an exciting time for DIVVY – as it always seems to be!’