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Smart Cities

Smart Cities and Smarter Parking

Smart technology has come to our cities, and smarter parking is here to stay. Smart parking systems such as DIVVY are making car parking frictionless. The parking experience has changed for drivers, unquestionably for the better, with the primary benefit being invaluable time saved. Even beyond the vastly improved driver experience, smarter parking offers many technological and operational benefits to businesses, authorities and the environment.

Smart cities that use information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency – are the cities of the future, and they’re here now. The emergence of these municipalities is setting the standard for how city planners manage information, assets, and resources, as they utilise data collection to ensure their cities run smoothly.

Smarter parking, a rich source of data, has an important role to play in smart cities by reducing congestion and travel times and improving urban environments. As technology continues to develop, so will smarter parking’s capacity to improve efficiency and reduce friction in smart cities. DIVVY’s new generation of access controllers has been developed from its inception to support and integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), the network of interconnected devices and people underpinning smart cities.

Of course, it’s not only city planners making good use of rich data. Across industries, companies are collecting data at an ever-increasing rate. Smart parking systems are a rich source of data, at both a macro and micro- level. Connecting data sources, including smart parking systems, to get a complete picture of consumer patterns allows marketers to identify market risks and opportunities.  

Businesses and car park operators administering smarter parking systems such as DIVVY Enterprise have immediate access to a rich data set, enabling them to extract maximum value from their parking assets based on patterns of usage. Car parking can be consolidated, and savings returned to businesses when there is real-time usage data to hand. 

Business globally has been transformed by financial technology, and car parking is no exception. Smart parking systems like DIVVY Enterprise make use of cashless systems by utilising car parking apps for the ultimate ease of use for customers, contributing to the seamless driver experience.

Reducing human impact on the environment is an ever-present concern for industries, governments and individuals the world over. Major cities across the globe are adopting smarter parking management solutions in an effort to address traffic congestion.

DIVVY’s pre-booking capabilities provide drivers with parking certainty and therefore contribute to the reduction of up to 30% of cars driving the streets looking for a parking space, and the associated traffic congestion and vehicle emissions this produces.

One of the most significant contributions a car parking company can make to the improvement of the urban environment is to reduce the number of cars parked on the street. DIVVY Enterprise’s data capabilities allow car parking administrators to get the most out of existing parking assets, and therefore get more cars into off-street parking spaces. The environmental impact of car parking is further reduced by zero waste smart car parking apps and access controller technology – such as that pioneered by DIVVY – eliminating traditional pull tickets at parking stations.

The benefits of smarter parking for drivers and car park operators are clear, and the ability of smart parking to offer numerous advantages to communities, business and the environment is also becoming increasingly obvious. Reducing friction and increasing efficiency, smarter parking plays a key role in smart cities of not only the future but the cities of today.

Grant Fowler, DIVVY’s CEO, will discuss car parking and the Internet of Things (IoT) at Parking Australia’s 2019 Outlook Conference in Melbourne, at 2pm on Thursday 28th November. For more information about the 2019 Parking Australia Outlook Conference, visit

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