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George Street parking

George Street Light Rail is Kicking Off

Construction on the George Street Light Rail project is underway. With roads closed, buses re-routed, and close to 30 per cent of on-street parking being removed, everyone from drivers to public transport passengers and even couriers are already feeling the impact. Disruption is inevitable, and for cities to develop and innovate, it’s often necessary; but the big question now is how do we minimise the negative impacts where we can?


Parking in the CBD has always been a nightmare, but that was nothing compared to what we’re seeing now, and what we’re about to see soon. Not only will morning commuters struggle to find convenient parking on the roads, but there are concerns for businesses around George St and the surrounding areas which are likely to be affected by accessibility issues.


One group that’s going to feel the pain a little more than others is the courier industry. The congestion in the CBD is going to make it a lot trickier for them to perform their job, and the lack of on-street parking available for quick drop offs is going to be a big sore spot, both for couriers and for their customers.


If we’re going to minimise the disruption of this project to our city and its citizens, the public and private sector need to work together to find and implement smart solutions that get to the heart of problem and solve it.


DIVVY is currently working with major commercial property groups and transport companies to develop initiatives that will open up off-street parking spaces to commuters and couriers during this time at an affordable cost. As we come closer to rolling out our industry-changing mobile access technology, the potential for this smart solution to minimise the negative impacts of this project are huge. We’re excited to keep you updated with what comes next!