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Beaches in Sydney

Top 5 Sydney Beaches to Visit Before Winter Arrives …

Sydney Beaches to visit

With the scorching start to March that we’ve experienced so far, we think now is the time to make the most of this sunny weather. There’s still time to soak up the rays and dip your toes into the salt water before weekends become more about doonas and House of Cards marathons than towels and surfing.

To help you out over the next few weeks, Divvy has pulled together our list of the top 5 Sydney beaches you might not know about, but should. Make sure you visit at least one before Autumn starts to actually feel like Autumn …

Store Beach, Manly

This gorgeous spot is only accessible by water so unless you’ve got your own boat, it’s time to hire a paddle-board or kayak, which you can rent from Manly Beach. It’s also home to the little penguin so you might even be lucky enough to see one. Metered parking is available in Manly, but can be as steep as CBD prices on the weekend, so be prepared. 

Milk Beach, Vaucluse

This Vaucluse harbour beach can’t be seen from the roads so during the week it’s not uncommon to find you’re the only one there. Weekends mean you might have to share it with a few loyal sunbathers, but it still keeps that relaxed and quiet vibe. Access it near Strickland House on Vaucluse Road. Free parking available but it can take time to score a space on the weekend or public holidays — you might be better off taking the 325 bus, which runs regularly and will drop you right there.

Kutti Beach, Vaucluse

Another Vaucluse hidden treasure is Kutti Beach, which can be found at the bottom of Vaucluse Road. It’s tiny, but with beautiful views of the harbour. Beware though — there are some envy-inducing properties that overlook the beach so you might feel like you’re in someone’s backyard. Keep in mind that if you don’t like dogs, this isn’t the place for you … lots of beachgoers bring the whole family! If you’re happy to walk a little, you can usually find a space in the backstreets without too much pain.

Little Sirius Cove, Mosman

A beautiful beach with picnic tables and play areas. There is a lot of shaded area available on the grass so you can spend the whole day there without being out in the sun for too long. While it can be tricky on the weekend, there is free parking available if you can grab it. A great place to bring the dogs for a long walk. You can have them off-leash all day during the week, and before 9am and after 4pm on the weekends and public holidays.

Chinamans Beach, Mosman

Perfect for a relaxed swim with friends or family, this 250m stretch of sand is close to Balmoral Beach but less crowded. Bordered by rocks and sheltered, it doesn’t get too windy and the water is usually fairly flat (so not great for surfers!). As for where to park, there’s some rare-to-Sydney unrestricted parking nearby.