Car Parking options near Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne, Australia

Why now is a great time to book a monthly parking spot


A monthly parking booking is the gold standard in value and convenience for full-time commuters.

Booking your parking ‘in bulk’ means you secure a reduced rate, and the monthly commitment saves you the time and hassle of finding and paying for a new parking space every day.

We’re pleased to announce more monthly parking spots are now available at these handy Sydney and Melbourne locations:

Sydney Parking:

  • 74 – 80 Ivy Street, Darlington – $220 per month
  • 8 Defries Avenue, Zetland – $240 per month
  • 6 – 8 Lyonpark Road, Macquarie Park – $242 per month
  • 8 – 10 Lee Street, Haymarket – $350 per month
  • 203 Victoria Street, Potts Point – $440 per month
  • 255 Clarence Street, Sydney – $500 per month
  • 333 Kent Street, Sydney – $500 per month
  • 1 York Street, Sydney – $560 per month
  • 28 O’Connell Street, Sydney – $595 per month

Melbourne Parking:

  • 360 Collins Street, Melbourne – $479 per month

Search for these, or other monthly parking spaces near you, on the DIVVY website or app.

Top tip – make sure you search at least three days in advance to ensure that all available monthly parking is displayed in the results.

Demand for monthly parking is ramping up as people return to their workplaces, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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Workers in office - DIVVY Parking

How Suncorp used DIVVY to save costs and help their staff during COVID-19


Businesses everywhere have been faced with all manner of extraordinary challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc around the world. When restrictions came into force in Australia at the end of March, Suncorp turned to the DIVVY Enterprise parking management system to help them navigate the complex and rapidly changing situation.

Suncorp, one of Australia’s largest financial services brands, has relied on DIVVY Enterprise to manage the onsite parking for their fleet of trade vehicles at their Brisbane and Sydney offices since 2018. In late March 2020, Suncorp was one of many Australian businesses to transition as many of their employees as possible to working from home. Even so, there remained a core group of essential staff who needed to continue to work from the office.

At a time of heightened social restrictions, Suncorp wanted to help their essential employees avoid commuting via public transport. The onsite parking at their Brisbane and Sydney premises, usually allocated to their tool of trade vehicles, was offered up to their essential workers. Suncorp were also quick to lease additional off-site commercial parking to ensure they were able to meet the parking needs of their essential staff.  

The essential workers had not had access to Suncorp’s onsite parking before COVID-19. The sudden change to Suncorp’s parking usage meant an entirely new cohort of parkers had to be onboarded into the DIVVY system very quickly, so that they could access the car parks. Over the course of the lockdown period, Suncorp would add more than 100 new users to the DIVVY system. Because the DIVVY system is so user-friendly, they were able to do so without a hitch.

A couple of weeks into the new working arrangements, Suncorp called upon DIVVY’s reporting functionality to reveal the actual usage of their parking bays during this period. The reports issued by the DIVVY Enterprise system showed that as employees stayed at home as much as possible, actual parking usage was lower than Suncorp’s initial projections. Suncorp were able to relinquish the additional commercial parking bays they had leased at the beginning of the restrictions, thereby returning savings to the business, and transfer the staff who had been using those bays over to the DIVVY system to use Suncorp’s own onsite parking.

Suncorp’s onsite parking never reached full capacity during lockdown because DIVVY optimised the use of the spaces so efficiently. DIVVY managed the high number of parkers and the ad hoc, unpredictable pattern of parking usage without fault.

As restrictions ease and workplaces re-open, Suncorp are gradually transitioning their staff back to their offices, with groups of employees starting to return from mid-June. Subject to government advice regarding safe public transport usage, staff will be encouraged to return to public transport and onsite parking will revert to the tool of trade vehicles. Suncorp will continue to use DIVVY Enterprise to manage and monitor parking usage during the transition period as COVID-19 working procedures are wound down and the trade fleet return to their onsite parking.

Joseph Harmon, Fleet and Car Parking Manager for Suncorp, says, ‘since 2018, Suncorp has depended on DIVVY to provide convenient and reportable parking management at our Brisbane Square and Shelley Street locations. DIVVY was fantastic during the COVID-19 restrictions. It gave us complete and accurate visibility over parking bay utilisation and was so easy to use as we added more than a hundred new parkers to the system. DIVVY Enterprise gave us the flexibility to start using our parking bays for a completely different sector of our team almost overnight, helping us to manage our business efficiently during a very unpredictable time.’

For further information, please contact Kat Fowler, DIVVY’s Marketing and Communications Manager at  

Women driving to work or looking for parking

Going Back to Work? How to Choose the Best Parking


After months of employees working from home or being temporarily stood down, businesses across the nation are gearing up to re-open workplaces. If you’re one of the millions of Australians about to return to your workplace, have you worked out how you’re going to get there? Public transport is running at limited capacity, and for social distancing reasons you might prefer to avoid it all together. Commuting by car will be a popular choice. We’ve put together a quick guide to getting the most bang for your parking buck as Australia returns to work.  

Daily parking

Many people will be returning to the workplace part-time, commuting to work a few days a week and continuing to work from home the rest of the time. If this is you, daily parking is a good option. Pre-booking your daily parking before you leave home saves you time and hassle, and often means you get a cheaper deal too.

Hourly parking

If you’re planning to split your workday between home and your workplace, perhaps spending half days (or less) in the office, hourly parking is right for you. Simply pre-book your parking for the amount of time you’re planning to spend at work. If you end up staying longer, it’s easy to extend your booking via the DIVVY App.

Evening, weekend, and weekend evening parking

Are you a shift worker, or do you work in hospitality? Perhaps you’re choosing to go into the office on weekends, rather than during the week, to maintain maximum social distancing. Evening, weekend, and weekend evening parking options often represent the best value for money, and you’ll avoid peak hour traffic by commuting at these times too.

Monthly Parking

This is the best value option for commuters returning to the workplace full-time. Demand for monthly parking is increasing as workplaces re-open, so book promptly to avoid disappointment. If you’re interested in flexible monthly parking – for example, a monthly parking booking for only three days a week, rather than five – please email us at

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