DIVVY’s CEO Grant Fowler

The Week That Was: Parking Australia’s OUTLOOK Conference 2019


DIVVY was proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the 2019 Parking Australia OUTLOOK Conference, held at Crown Melbourne last week.

Held this year for the first time in Melbourne, Parking Australia’s OUTLOOK Conference is the only conference in Australia to focus on car parking. This year’s conference saw delegates from all sectors of the industry come together to find out about new parking technology and developments. With a diverse cohort of speakers bringing cutting-edge ideas and real-world experiences and case studies, the discussions were stimulating and inspirational.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Connected Mobility’. People and businesses need to be able to move, whether by car, bus, train or bike. The conference played host to wide-ranging discussions about the integration possibilities for interconnected smart urban transportation infrastructure with an eye to the unprecedented technological innovation in development for the vehicles of tomorrow.

DIVVY’s CEO Grant Fowler delivered a talk about car parking and the Internet of Things (IoT), the network of interconnected devices and people underpinning smart cities, on Thursday afternoon. He outlined the clear benefits the individual customer, the community and parking industry stakeholders stand to gain from smarter parking enhanced by the IoT.

He sees the likely impact on the parking industry of IoT development and the continued development of smart cities as inter-industry collaboration, with companies within the industry homing in on their specialist strengths and then working together to deliver to the marketplace’s expectations.

Parking Australia’s OUTLOOK Conference 2019

It was great to see the response received from this discussion and the amount of other delegates who were also interested in working together to be able to provide our clients with integrated parking solutions. It was great to catch up with our other friendly colleagues in the Parking Industry who were also exhibiting such as Parkd, UbiPark, and Ideas. A huge thanks to our Business Development Director, Linda Boyd who also spent the week introducing us to a lot of her parking colleagues that she has worked with in the past and posting the infamous “sock photo” that we all saw in the LinkedIn feed.

Our Operations Director, Peter McAlpine also made his debut as DIVVY’s “face” in the fantastic videos that were being played in our booth, demonstrating how the DIVVY product works and our Marketing & Communications Manager, Kat Fowler who assisted in collating all of the info we needed to have on hand to assist the delegates in understanding more about DIVVY and what we offer.

DIVVY hosted a booth in the exhibition hall and was thrilled to be contributing to the conversation. It was wonderful to meet and chat with delegates from around Australia and beyond. Thank you to all those who dropped by and said hello! We hope you all left wanting to find out more about the future of DIVVY.