Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – Who Has the Most Expensive Parking?


A recent RACQ report shows that parking in city centres around Australia is more expensive than ever – and, perhaps surprisingly, Brisbane is leading the trend.

In the last eight years, hourly parking rates have increased by almost $10 in the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne city centres.

But it’s no longer Sydney sitting at the top of the price list. Brisbane now has the most expensive average weekday hourly off-street parking rate of the three cities, at $28.71. Sydney comes in close behind at $28.42, and Melbourne notably cheaper at $21.54.

Brisbane’s hourly rate has increased by 1.4% since 2017, and 1.7% for two hours, outstripping the rate of inflation.

It also has the highest average weekday 30-minute parking rate at $16.98, with Sydney at $12.50 and Melbourne at $9.41.

With employment in the Brisbane CBD projected to grow by a huge 190% in the 20 years from 2011 to 2031, the demand for parking (and thereby the cost) can only be expected to grow.

We all know that car parks are highly coveted in the CBDs of the major cities, and DIVVY’s experience shows Brisbane is no different. Since 2017 we have been working with major companies in Brisbane’s CBD, such as Suncorp, to manage their staff parking as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We have helped these companies make significant savings by maximising their car parking assets, whilst also enable better staff access to car parking.

Our experience in Brisbane, as well as the stark numbers contained within the RACQ report, has clearly shown the demand for cheaper, more plentiful Brisbane CBD parking.

Until now, DIVVY has been working exclusively with businesses in Brisbane. The next step is our entry into the Brisbane casual parking market. Our goal is to help all motorists in Brisbane’s CBD access better, cheaper parking, as we have done in Sydney. The average cost of a parking booking with DIVVY in Sydney is $16.76 – well below the city’s average hourly rate of $28.42.

We already power over 78,400 boom gate actions every month in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne for our and casual parkers and we anticipate unlocking cheaper, easier parking for all motorists in Brisbane soon.